HOLM was born from a desire for exceptional products that not only harnesses the power of all-natural ingredients but also elevates the way we live. I recognised a need for something more, something that would enrich our lives with a touch of luxury and contribute to our overall well-being. Our commitment to crafting exceptional products with the finest, natural ingredients is at the heart of everything we do.

I've always tried to rid my home of any products that use synthetic ingredients. After researching into fragrance oils, that are used in so many products including candles, I was shocked to realise that manufacturers don’t have to tell you what chemicals are used to create a fragrance. Some fragrance oils can contain up to 5,000 separate ingredients, even if they claim to be a 'natural' fragrance.

I've grown up using essential oils in my daily life. Essential oils are extracted from plants by distilling their flowers, fruit, leaves, stems or roots to capture their beautiful, natural aromas and to harness their therapeutic benefits. So, it seemed like a no-brainer to replace the synthetically fragranced products in my home with essential oiled ones. 

My hope is for people to be more aware of the products they use in their homes and to read the ingredients list. We deserve to use natural products that contribute to our wellbeing. We do not need to settle.